Ruba Al-Zu’bi, Director of Environmental Sustainability for Jordan’s Development and Free Zone Commission toured ReVenture Park today. She is one of 21 Eisenhower Fellows traveling the U.S. to learn about how industries, governments, etc., work in this country. She and Tom McKittrick, developer of ReVenture Park, were interviewed by Mike Collins on WFAE Charlotte Talks. You can listen to the interview here.

Read Ruba’s blog about her visit here.

“A sharp developer who spends 3 years alleviating regulatory burden and preparing the location for new development is a role model for many of us. Defining the OPPORTUNITY of green might be more important than strict protection of green. It is all about understanding the ‘trade-offs’ and making the conscious decision that we can defend in front of the coming generations” Ruba Al Zu-bi’.